Collection: Painter boxes

Are you looking for something original for your "diamonds" and your accessories?

Then you will find exactly the right selection of different models for storage here, all of which are unique and individually handcrafted according to your wishes.

It is possible to neatly store the "medi cups" or the cans of "Tedi" or "Woolworth" without them falling over.

Now the question arises - "What actually is a painter box?" Quite simply you might think:

  • Take a few screws;

  • a bit of wood;

  • wood glue and paint;

No, it's not that easy!

The basic materials are the ones mentioned above, but this great storage for your "diamond painting stones" and of course the accessories such as "pens, tweezers and little boats" is only created with our secret recipe, lots of love and passion.

But if you want it to be even more special with that certain something, you simply want glitter to go with it.