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Another enrichment for our shop are the MiaMahou siblings. Her art is unique and funny at the same time.

This is how they describe each other:

### About Mia by ~Mahou ###

Mia is great. She is always in a good mood and very creative. Your works are amazing. She draws and makes digital art. One day she would like to study at an art school and live in Australia. She wants to open an art gallery over there. I don't like Australia.

### About Mahou by ~Mia ### Mahou is the best brother imaginable. He is currently learning to create 3D art in Blender. He does most of the animations that you will see from us and often helps me with my work. One of his dreams is to work for Disney one day. He's very talented, so I'm sure he'll achieve his goals. Day after day he works hard to improve himself and always gets one step further in life