Hello you out there,
You probably want to know who is behind the Painterbox and how it came about, right?
We would really like to tell you that.
It all started with my wife's hobby, diamond painting. She started doing this in 2017. At some point, the pictures with a few colors were no longer enough for her and she started pixelating the pictures herself. Of course no longer with 45 or 60 colors, no, she had to start with over 100 colors *gg*.
Well, but where do you put 100 or more colors in? So she asked me to build a storage box for her. It then started with a small wooden box with around 135 colors, which of course was no longer enough at some point. So a bigger one was needed. Then, in typical man fashion, I thought that she should post them in her Facebook groups. Well, I or we would never have dared to even begin to dream of what would come of it.
The boxes were so popular that we started a business out of nothing, but we thought we would do this for at most 6 months until the “hype” died down again.
Well, the “hype” is now in its third year and we have been able to expand our offering every year.
You can now find not only our coveted handmade painter boxes, but also special stones, diamond painting pictures in large sizes with the appropriate number of colors and much more.
This is how the Painterbox was born.
Do you have any further questions about us? Write to us, we look forward to your messages.